Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bad Girls: All Star Battle - Cast Revealed!!

Yesterday was a BIG day for the Bad Girls Club fans. Oxygen released the photo's of the cast of Oxygen upcoming new series "Bad Girls: All Star Battle" along with the BGC All Star girls doing the Harlem Shake video. Also a sparked up drama Between Natalie & Oxygen. Oxygen released Natalie's BGASB cast photo but with a error on "Arch Nemesis: #teambreezy" that made Natalie go off on twitter. Oxygen seemed to handled the problem once Natalie addressed it that Oxygen changed the photo info up.  Check out the cast of Bad Girls: All Star Battle & the Natalie & Oxygen situation. Bad Girls: All Star Battle Series Premiere will air May 21st at 9pmEST right after BGC10 Reunion Pt 3. Also BG All Star Battle First episode would be 90 minutes!

The Host: Ray J
Check out the first photo that made Natalie upset

Thursday, April 11, 2013

BGC10 Bonus Clip - After The Fight

EXCLUSIVE: Bad Girls All Star Battle House Tour!!

Bad Girls All Star Battle is set to premiere May 21st 9pmEST right after Bad Girls Club: Atlanta Reunion Pt 3 Special! Can't wait to see what the house looks like.. I got your first EXCLUSIVE Look.. Take a tour around the Bad Girls All Star Battle House! Stay tuned for more! ;)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Oxygen new Reality series "Find Me My Man" Bad Girls Club Bootcamp Edition Webisode

In this video clip. Three girls from Season 10 of Bad Girls Club: Atlanta, Valentina, Nancy & Janae gets schooled from matchmaker Natalie Clarice on how to find the man of their dream. Will this lesson help at all? OH LAWD (Janae's voice) 

"Find Me My Man's matchmaker Natalie Clarice helps some of Oxygen's most notorious Bad Girls fix their dating flaws at our "Find Me My Man" bootcamp. Watch to see if she was able to work her magic on BGC10's Valentina, Nancy and Janae! "Find Me My Man" premieres on Tuesday, April 9th at 9/8c on Oxygen!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Raquel AKA Rocky (BGC10) Gets interviewed by Youtube BGC Reviewer Mona Samone

Check out this interview with Raquel, Hosted by Mona Samone from Youtube!
Rocky AKA Raquel speaks about many things that happen on BGC & at the reunion. Don't miss it. Check it out now!

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Bad Girls Club: Top 10 OMG Moments (Season 6 - 10) Coming.

We all seen Tanisha, Natalie, Amber M, Flo & Aimee hosted the BGC Top 10 OMG Moments back in Season 5 era. Now it's time, once again to have a new 10 OMG Moments for season 6 - 10 and are wish has been granted. 

Bad Girls Club: Top 10 OMG Moments (Season 6 - 10) will air April 30th 8pmEST Only on Oxygen. Stay tuned for more deets to come.